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Sketch and Paint-based Interface for Highlight Modeling

Romain Pacanowski, Xavier Granier, Christophe Schlick, and Pierre Poulin
Proc. Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-based Interfaces and Modeling 2008, June 2008


In computer graphics, highlights capture much of the appearance of light reflection off a surface. They are generally limited to pre-defined models (e.g., Phong, Blinn) or to measured data. In this paper, we introduce new tools and a corresponding highlight model to provide computer graphics artists a more expressive approach to design highlights. For each defined light key-direction, the artist simply sketches and paints the main highlight features (shape, intensity, and color) on a plane oriented perpendicularly to the reflected direction. For other light-and-view configurations, our system smoothly blends the different user-defined highlights. Based on GPU cabilities, our solution allows real-time editing and feedback. We illustrate our approach with a wide range of highlights, with complex shapes and varying colors. This solution also demonstrates the simplicity of introduced tools.


Expressive highlights, vectorial representation, highlight interpolation, specular reflection, GPU.

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