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Many techniques have been developed to interactively display highly complex graphical objects (forests, mountains, cities, etc.) or simpler objects but with high precision (people, sculptures, vases, etc.) by using 3D scanners. One of these display techniques uses points to sample the objects themselves. Based on this idea, we present an automatic and interactive system which allows to reconstruct complex geometric models. We rely on a 3D point-based stochastic reconstruction method which uses a limited number of images without constraints on their pose. Our results show that a point-based representation and the stochastic aspect of our reconstruction method are efficient to grasp the complexity of real objects' details.

Another important aspect of our system is its interactivity. The complexity of objects that we attempt to model induces great difficulties for most 3D reconstruction methods based on feature correspondance in images. In our system, it is possible for the user to guide the reconstruction process. We have observed that it allows to speed up and to improve the final result.

Online version

Available here in french (en français) in Adobe PDF format (31 MB).


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