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Interactive Rendering of Meso-structure Surface Details
using Semi-transparent 3D Textures

Jean-François Dufort, Luc Leblanc, and Pierre Poulin
Proc. Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2005, November 2005


Several techniques have been introduced to display meso-structure surface details to enhance the appearance of complex surfaces. One strategy is to avoid altogether costly semi-transparency in interactive contexts. However when dealing with hierarchical surface representations (important to filtering) and complex light transfers, semi-transparency must be treated. We propose a method that combines in a novel way multiple techniques from hardware rendering and volume visualization in order to render on current graphics hardware semi-transparent meso-structure surface details stored in a 3D texture. The texture is mapped to an outer shell defined by tetrahedra extruded from the surface triangular mesh. The tetrahedra are first sorted on the CPU to be rendered in correct order. The attenuated color for each ray traversing each tetrahedron is efficiently computed with a hardware voxel traversal algorithm. The resulting structure is general enough to simulate at interactive rates from semi-transparent surface details to opaque displacement maps, including several surface shading effects (visual masking, self-shadowing, absorption of light).


Volumetric textures, displacement mapping, hardware rendering, meso-structure, semi-transparent textures.

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