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Interactive Hierarchical Space Carving
with Projector-based Calibrations

Martin Granger-Piché, Emric Epstein, and Pierre Poulin
Proc. Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2004, November 2004


We present an interactive reconstruction system based on space carving. The user controls the camera and object positions and their impact on the reconstruction is immediately displayed. The flow of images is used first for silhouette carving, and then representative images are stored in a hemispherical structure for balanced color carving. Projected color points on the measured background or on the object (acquired by structured light) allow for automatic and adapted calibration of the camera. The octree object representation is central to our space carving algorithm: voxels are efficiently carved out at their largest size, images are treated at their appropriate level, and 3D regions are subdivided only when necessary. We conclude by analyzing our results and by discussing our acquired experience.


Image-based reconstruction, interactive system, octree space carving, projector, zooming, calibration points.

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