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Efficient Streaming of 3D Scenes
with Complex Geometry and Complex Lighting

Romain Pacanowski, Mickaël Raynaud, Xavier Granier, Patrick Reuter, Christophe Schlick, and Pierre Poulin
Proc. Web 3D 2008, August 2008


Streaming data to efficiently render complex 3D scenes in presence of global illumination is still a challenging task. In this paper, we introduce a new data structure based on a 3D grid of irradiance vectors to store the indirect illumination appearing on complex and detailed objects: the Irradiance Vector Grid (IVG). This representation is independent of the geometric complexity and is suitable for quantization to different quantization schemes. Moreover, its streaming over network involves only a small overhead compared to detailed geometry, and can be achieved independently of the geometry. Furthermore, it can be efficiently rendered using modern graphics hardware. We demonstrate our new data structure in a new remote 3D visualization system, that integrates indirect lighting streaming and progressive transmission of the geometry, and study the impact of different strategies on data transfer.



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