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Soft Shadows from Extended Light Sources
with Penumbra Deep Shadow Maps

Jean-François St-Amour, Eric Paquette, and Pierre Poulin
Proc. Graphics Interface 2005, May 2005


This section presents the adaptation of the DSM structure to capture the attenuation from an extended light source, in an approach similar to that of Agrawala et al. [Agrawala:2000]. The PDSM method stores the attenuation function for every 3D location in the PDSM field of view. New objects can then be added in the scene with high-quality soft shadows cast on them without recomputing the PDSM. The PDSM also has advantages compared to approaches such as lightmaps since it does not require any surface parameterization of the objects. As can be seen in the accompanying video, it can even be cast on objects that do not have any surface, such as fog.


Rendering, illumination, graphics hardware, visibility, shadow, compression.

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Online version

Adobe PDF version of the paper
Accompanying final video (Quicktime/DivX5)
Presentation slides (PowerPoint)