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Patch-based Synthesis of Geometry Textures
with Point-set Surfaces

François Duranleau and Pierre Poulin
Proc. Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2006, November 2006


As high-quality geometrical models become necessary for realistic applications, the creation of sophisticated surface details quickly becomes a crucial bottleneck to modeling. Geometry texture synthesis can alleviate this problem. Point-set surfaces form a powerful and flexible representation to encode intricate surface details.
We propose to combine geometry texture synthesis with point-set surfaces. Our algorithm incrementally builds up a final geometry texture by fitting patches from an initial geometry texture, according to a distance field-based metric applied to a point neighborhood. An automatic point pairing scheme is used to warp the most similar patch with a thin-plate spline interpolation to make it concordant with its neighborhood. The point-set representation frees us from coping with explicit connectivity, while offering trivial manipulation for cutting, merging, and fitting portions of a surface. An appropriate blending corrects for any remaining small texture gaps.
Experimental results are provided to illustrate the generality and the efficiency of our approach.


Texture synthesis, volumetric textures, point-set similarity, warping, blending.

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