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Component-based Modeling of Complete Buildings

Luc Leblanc, Jocelyn Houle, and Pierre Poulin
Proc. Graphics Interface 2011, May 2011.


We present a system to procedurally generate complex models with interdependent elements. Our system relies on the concept of components to spatially and semantically define various elements. Through a series of successive statements executed on a subset of components selected with queries, we grow a tree of components ultimately defining a model.

We apply our concept and representation of components to the generation of complete buildings, with coherent interior and exterior. It proves general and well adapted to support subdivision of volumes, insertion of openings, embedding of staircases, decoration of facades and walls, layout of furniture, and various other operations required when constructing a complete building


Procedural Modeling, Architecture, Shape Grammar, Boolean Operation.

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Online version

Adobe PDF version of the paper
Presentation slides (pdf)
Poster (pdf) presented at GRAND '11.
Video sequences:
  • Walk-through in house (avi)
  • Walk-through in rowhouse (mp4)
  • Walk-through in school (avi)
  • Procedural variations (mp4)